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We deliver analytical insights, leverage machine complex data, and empower end-users with business intelligence.


One of the major advantages of Glassbeam is that we can define logic that helps us to detect some issue or lesson we had learned from cases our engineers had worked on before. So, it reduces the time it takes to resolve a problem, either reported again by the same customer or by a different customer.

– Senior Manager, Technical Escalations Team

We can run Glassbeam to quickly confirm the root cause of the support issue, or reach out to our customer to highlight areas of concerns before any problem occurs. Our team is dedicated to delivering a superior customer experience and Glassbeam supports us in this effort by enabling access to key information for proactive support and by being “spot on” in its assessments for root cause analysis.

– Manager of Customer Support

Customers need the ability to derive new intelligence from data, and we’re building out our certified partner marketplace to meet that need. The addition of Glassbeam allows customers to analyze their data directly in the Glassbeam platform. It’s a powerful and complementary offering to the ThingWorx platform.

– Vice President of Ecosystem Programs, ThingWorx, a PTC business

To support accelerated growth, Dimension Data needed to partner with big data analytics experts who could help analyze log data to manage and optimize our multiple global data center operations. The partnership with Glassbeam helps us successfully manage this growth.

– Senior Manager, Infrastructure, Cloud Solutions Business Unit

The notion of mining customer infrastructure data and selling back that value as dashboards to our customers has a high, strategic value for BlueArc. This value added benefit is aligned with the company’s goal to expand professional services revenue as well. Glassbeam has helped us address these important issues in our overall game plan. Glassbeam’s solutions have also helped BlueArc gain visibility into its install base, which has aided the team in recognizing which customers are running effectively or ineffectively.

– Vice President of Customer Services

Machine connectivity and analytics is an important design element at VytronUS. Having a well-integrated end-to-end solution for meeting this goal from ThingWorx and Glassbeam will make our job much easier in the future. It will greatly enhance our ability to get timely, accurate and insightful analytics from our machines in the installed base.

– VP of Product Management

Glassbeam's platform empowers business users to utilize machine log analytics without requiring deep technical expertise.

– VP of Product Management

For our customers, this is a really quick way for them to look at their HNAS infrastructure, see in one panel every single licensed node, and get a idea of the overall health – in like two minutes, all on one screen.The Hitachi NAS (HNAS) Health Check Service, powered by Glassbeam is state of the art, and it pretty much sells itself.

– Director of Select Care Program