What do IBM, DellEMC and PTC
have in common?

Glassbeam’s systems monitoring and advanced analytics solutions, leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning models and
installed base analytics, enable storage vendors to manage complex hyper-converged infrastructure.



Drill down to the root cause of any issue instantly, allowing for upfront resolution, reducing your MTTR rates by up to 20%.



Empower their operations with event Alerts and Analysis for predictive operations management.


Product Management

Make data-driven decisions for effective product roadmaps and life cycle management.


With enhanced machine learning solutions, Glassbeam now unlocks years of machine log data. We are eager to watch Glassbeam’s platform continue to evolve for IoT, and look forward to taking advantage of advanced machine learning and new predictive analytics capabilities.

– Ebrahim Abbasi, Senior Vice President of Operations, Violin Memory, Inc.

How do Aruba and Meru Networks
support their customers?

Glassbeam’s analytics platform allows you to mine your machine data for crucial customer support and intelligence,
giving you actionable insights into the installed base and client need-states for strategic decision making.



Deliver responsive support that quickly isolates and resolves issues with machine logs and preempts failures.



Unlock new revenue opportunities by developing value-added services with installed-base analytics, increasing service revenue by up to 25%.


Product Management

Build on-target product roadmaps with actual usage data from machine logs and accelerate your time-to-market.


Glassbeam helps us understand the installed base, so that we are not flying blind. We use all that information to take the emotion out of our decisions and make objective recommendations for the business.

– Ash Chowdappa, Senior Director Product Management

Top medical device companies
trust Machine data.

Utilize your machine data with Glassbeam to optimize high-value asset utilization, inventory
management across all product life cycles, and enhance product development with highly targeted
intelligence such as facility specific information, procedure duration and affinity, etc.



Empower your customers with the means to preempt equipment failure and reduce your support requirements.



Use client specific usage information to tailor product and value-added service offerings to their particular needs and utilization patterns.


Product Management

Drive product enhancement and development with reliable end-user information and deliver exceptional value to your customers.


With what we know about our customer base because of machine data, we’re able to recommend more and more solutions and products as their equipment ages and replacement becomes necessary.

– VP Support, Medical Device company

Transform your business
and join the IoT revolution.

Take advantage of the revolutionary potential of the Internet of Things for verticals such as
Retail, Manufacturing, and EV Charging Stations. With Glassbeam, we not only make your
machine data accessible, but actionable as well.


Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Optimize uptime and performance with a unified view of your stations across your entire charging network.



Make insight-driven business decisions and accelerate your outcomes with global and store-level intelligence or operations, inventory, and customers.



Develop highly intelligent and efficient manufacturing and supply chain systems and drive end-to-end improvements, from product development all the way to aftermarket support.